Monday, May 3, 2010

Vegas Part 1: Drive There

These are just quick cropped pictures, don't bother trying to save them. Once I get all 200 of the pictures edited, I'll send you an email with a link to the album. They will be cropped to 5x7 prints, so you can print them off for yourselves. I will send them to Tina, Anita, and Grandma.

This past weekend was spent in Sin City. Denny's mother wanted to get married in Vegas, so we made the 7 hour drive. I loath road trips. I start to loose my mind after being in a car for more than 2 hours. Trips probably wouldn't be as bad, if we didn't have a 2 yr old in the back seat.
Denny loves car trips just about as much as I do.
Luckily, Sophie wasn't too bothered by the 7 straight hours of being trapped in her carseat. (We did stop and get out at gas stations) She had her Aunt Lissy to entertain her, along with the army of DVD's I brought.
That DVD player was on the entire drive.
Just before we got to Vegas, we stopped to go pee. Sophie found a bright purple shot glass, and wouldn't let go of it. The thing was $3, so we just bought it and went on our way. She started drinking juice out of it, and thought it was amazing.

Me - "Sophie, are you drunk?"
Sophie - *giggle*
Me - "I knew it."
Sophie - "More!"

Once we arrived, we went straight to the bathroom. We got the master room, which included a jetted tub, and steam shower. Denny went right for the steamer, while Sophie and I hit up the tub.
After we washed off the traveling ick, it was time to go say "hi" to everyone else. Everyone else being Tina's mother, sister, and brother, then their families. (plus hippo girl, but no one really cares about her) There were 18 of us total.
Everyone spent the evening chatting and such.
Sophie found a new hiding place.
Then shoved her Aunt Aspen in there as well.
An exhausting day. Sophie didn't go to bed until around 2 in the morning.

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