Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

DSC_0046.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Last Sunday, we decided to take a walk down by the river after church. Sophie "loves the riber."

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She could spend hours there, just throwing rocks into the water.

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It was not a smart thing to let Sophie go river diving in her church dress. Live and learn. At least I took a dry set of clothes this time. :)

DSC_0089.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

We even saw a turtle on the walk back.

DSC_0090.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

I had just washed those jeans.... I pulled them out of the dryer not 10 minutes before we left.

DSC_0093.jpg picture by EvilTemptress

Much of our summer will be spent at the river.

Side note: Last Sunday was her first time in nursery, well actually staying the entire time. Granted we sat in the corner of the room, but she did pretty well. Maybe next Sunday we'll just leave Daddy in there with here, then she can go all by herself. She's getting so big. :(

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talyzman said...

OoOoOoOoh the river!!! It looks so green y sweet, i will be there in a few days enjoying the river walk and for sure biking too. Keep up taking Sophie to the nursery and sing with her the primary songs so she gets used to sooner that later.
next sunday we will be going to church with papa and mama in case you wanna come.