Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sophie - "Mommy. Poop."
Me - "Did you poop?"
*I check Sophie's diaper*
Sophie - "Poop."
Me - "You need to poop?"
Sophie - "mmhmm"
We are at my dad's, so I take her to sit on the toilet in the laundry room. The past few day's she's been telling me she had to poop, but nothing ever came out. Once I sat her on the toilet, I expected her to just sit there for a few minutes until she lost interest.
To my surprise she started pushing! HUZZAH!
Me - "Denny come here!"
Denny - "Busy killing people"
*of course*
Me - "She's pooping in the toilet!"
That's right. My little stinker pooped in the toilet. Maybe if I'm lucky, diapers will vanish sometime soon. :)


Tasha said...

YAY! LIfe gets SOOO much easier after you don't have to worry about diapers any more! We've been really lucky, once Melody finally decided she wanted to do it that was it. She slept in big girl panties right from the beginning and we have yet to have an accident *knock on wood* :)

Mary said...

Isn't that how it always works? Once you get all the pre fold diapers they potty train themselves! haha congrats sophie!