Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Before my little monster popped out of my womb, she was mommy's little girl. (well duh, I'm totally cooler than Denny) I was her mommy, and Denny just so happened to be someone else who lived in the same place.
Nearly two years later, the change has come. She's turning into the daddy's little girl that I always knew she would be. Even though I thought I might resent him the tinniest bit for taking some of my love. (yes MY love, I carried her for 9 months, I raised her myself for 18 months, MY love) I've found that I absolutely adore that she is finally connecting with her daddy that way.
Whenever she sees Denny leave, she'll start crying. "Daddy gone... Daddy (come) back!" Later that day it will be time for him to come home. The moment she hears him at the door, she runs full speed to greet him with hugs and kisses.They have a game where Sophie lays in a blanket, and Denny swings her all over the place. Only daddy knows how to do this right. Whenever his back starts hurting, I try to give it a go - but she will have none of that. I need to get a video of the two of them playing.
Daddy's Girl

She's just a darling little girl, as precious as a lamb,
She rules our home in many ways that not another can.
She's in and out, and here and there, throughout our busy day,
And many times I stop my work because she wants to play.

She often has a special hug, the sweetest baby kiss,
And when just she and I are there I rate this treasured bliss.
But when her dad arrives at night, you'll find her in a whirl,
She hasn't time for Mother then, because she's Daddy's girl.

It's joy to see her laughing eyes, her happy baby smile,
'Tis then I know that all is well and life is worth the while,
So lovingly he'll pinch her nose or try to steal a curl...
Just anything he does is right because she's Daddy's girl.

I often marvel at the charms that only dads possess,
Although I know within my heart she doesn't love me less.
We tuck her into bed at night, our one and only pearl
And 'cause I love her daddy too, I'm proud she's Daddy's girl

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