Sunday, November 8, 2009

More TreeHouse Museum

Saturday we planned to hang out with my girlfriend Mariza and her hubby. Denny woke up feeling like poo, so he got to stay home and bum for the entire day. Sophie and I met Mariza and her family at the Tree House Museum.
The girls had a blast, as well as us parents. :) The place is pretty awesome, and I'm a big fan of it. Sophie was very excited to go see the horses. She even wanted to wear the costumes this time. It was super cute.
One of the weirdest things there, is the big cow. It's made so the kids can "milk" it. You squeeze the rubber chi-chis and water shoots out. Sophie thought it was fascinating. She sat under that cow for a good 15 minutes. Eventually we dragged the kids away with the promise of pizza.
We went to the Ogden Pizzeria, and they had really yummy pizza. We'll have to go back something. (notice how Sophie is rockin the awesome Spongebob shirt my dad got her the other day)

The rest of the pictures are here in the - Tree House take 2 Album

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