Monday, November 9, 2009

Rockin the Prefolds

A few weeks ago I found a bag of prefold cloth diapers at Kid to Kid for just $5. (along with 4 Bumkins, all in ones, for just $1.50 each!!!) I love Kid to Kid. Anyways, once we got home I pulled out the old prefolds I had from when Sophie was born. I got a pack and use them as burp clothes (very convenient).
Now that we have 20 prefolds, the 15 pockets I made, 4 all-in-ones, and a few covers, life is grand! I've more than doubled our diaper count! WOO HOO! Plus with the prefolds, daddy might be able to get a hang of changing the cloth.
While I am FAR from pro at putting on prefolds, it's not too difficult. Plus prefolds are super cheap compared to the insane $17-24 I've seen for just one all-in-one diaper. Call me crazy, but I don't feel like paying $20 for something my kid is gonna poop in.
Super excited about saving even more money! With just the 15 diapers I made, we could go 2 or 3 days, but then have to use disposables until I got around to washing the cloth. Now we'll have a whole other set to use while one set washes. WOOT!

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