Friday, November 20, 2009

Night Out

I love my dad. He's super. He is even MORE super because he provided us with a night out. Being poor is no bueno, and we don't often go out and about. My dad offered to watch Sophie for the night and pay for us to go see New Moon. WOO!

Since Sophie would be napping anyway, I just dragged her along with us. No need to let her run grandpa ragged. :) The movie was delightful. Even with my hubby's irritating remarks every few minutes, the annoying people (both women AND men) squealing with delight every time someone was shirtless, and my toddler demanding we go home with about 15 minutes left in the movie - I enjoyed myself.

I was a little irked at how much they actually cut out of the story, but that's just how the world works. I've always liked books better anyway.
After the movie we went to grab a snack in the food court. Denny sat at the ridiculously small table, while Sophie dragged me over to the horses.
A few months ago, she spotted the carousel, and ever since she HAS to ride it. Her face was the silliest thing while she rode. We even got to mooch a second ride off some kids. I'll upload the video to the sidebar.

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