Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's no secret that Carter's is my favorite brand of clothes for little kids.
When we were walking around Sam's Club a few weeks ago, I spotted a table with Carter's clothes on it. The clothes were cheaper than the actual store, AND they had a little dress that matched one of Sophie's shirts.

Me - "do you love me?"
Denny - "how much?"
Me - "$6 worth?"
Denny - "sure"

He thinks I'm ridiculous for dressing the girl's in matching clothes. If they had one in my size, I would have gotten it too.

For church that week, they matched. :)



talyzman said...

they look so cute!
do you remember I used to sew our dresses for the holidays :-)

Tasha said...

aaahhh!!! SO cute! My girls love to match so I quite happily oblige :) I love the Mya tips her head to the side when she smiles. Such a sweetie!