Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Till Death

We drive each other nuts.
It's what we do.
We are sarcastic.
That's how we roll.

*sitting in church*
Denny - "how did you scratch your arm?"
Me - "iono"
Denny - "masochist"
Me - "fight club"
Denny - "did you hurt yourself?"
Me - "fight club"
Denny - "i thought we were past thi-"
Me - "fight club"
Denny - "no fight club!"

*just got home from grocery shopping*
Denny - "what is this?"
Me - "i'm helping you get the groceries"
Denny - "whaaaaaaaaaat?"
Me - "i'm helping"
Denny - "you never help get them"
Me - "accept my help, damnit!"

i bump denny's computer chair
Denny "what?"
Me - "spoon."
Denny - "but i was gonna stay up and play"
Me - "spoon."
Denny - "but we did last night"
Me - "no, you said the same thing last night"
Denny - "but"
Me - "spoon."

Denny - "what are we doing for father's day?"
Me - "going to the lake"
Denny - "why?"
Me - "Sophie has been asking to go"
Denny - "so is this for me or her?"
Me - "her"
Denny - "thanks"
Me - "well, i'm cooking food to bring for you"

Denny - "hey hun"
Me - "nope."
Denny - "what?"
Me - "nope."
Denny - harrumph
Me - grin "what?"
Denny - "I wanted to-"
Me - "NOPE!"

*driving to dinner*
Denny - "don't you want to know where we are going?"
Me - "where are we going?"
Denny - ".....guess"
Me - "UGH!"
Denny - "guess"
Me - "where denny?"
Denny - "I'm not telling you"
Me - "i hate you"

You wish you were us.

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