Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wife Win!

I know, I know.
I'm guessing you've all seen the picture on Denny's facebook.
I wasn't going to say anything until we were for SURE keeping her, but oh well.

"No more pets."
Can you tell I'm strong willed?

Denny loves pets. Coincidentally the ones I don't like. Big dogs, cats, ferrets, and so on. Most weeks he'll send me 1-10 ads for pet listing on KSL classifieds. My response for the past 7 months has been a consistant "no."

It has been impossible to find the right pet for our family.
All the cats were evil, and hated me. Pumpkin was the only acceptable one.
Achilles nearly died, then lost his house-trained-ness. (plus we were in a tiny apartment)
Medva ran away EVERY time I let her out.

I've always told Denny that I only ever want puppies, because then we can train them. When adopting someone else's dog, they can lie (much like a lady did with a cat we got). Turns out I hate training dogs, I already have 2 kids, I don't want another baby.

Denny has been breaking through my "no pets" wall lately.
My requirements were:
- good great with kids (like child climbing all over dog)
- house-trained
- small-med sized (i don't want to fall over if it tries to jump on me)
- not an aggressive breed
- good family dog breed
-no barking/growling

I should have known better than to agree, because he found a dog that worked.
I had planned to find him a pet for Father's Day anywho.

Smokey a 1.5 yr old German Shepard. She is smaller because she got parvo as a puppy and it stunted her growth. She is house trained. And in her ad picture she had a 7 month old baby pulling on her face.

I agreed to go SEE the dog (emphasis on SEE). If she was right for us, we could take her. I'd never admit it to him, but she isn't bad. And so far, I don't hate her yet. :P Plus I know how happy it makes him to have a dog. She is also very loving. Denny also agreed to sign a "this is the last pet I will buy" agreement.

I'm a good wife for making compromises to make my family happy. What WHAT!

So here she is. The other woman.
Denny "where do you want to put her kennel"
me "where the old one was. why, where do you want it?"
denny "...you don't want to know"
me "...?"
denny "...our room"
me " why?"

denny "mark my words, when this dog dies, i will cry"

me "you know we can take her camping and stuff"
denny "oh i know"
me "have you already planned out our whole life with her?"
denny "yes."

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theadventuresoflactatinggirl.com said...

SO cute! We'll have to get our doggies together to play once Curie heals from surgery.