Monday, August 3, 2009

River Fun

We went to hang out at the Weber River this past weekend. Denny and Isaak took the raft down the river, while Sophie and I played in the shallow water. We'll have to invest in some tubes, so that we can all go down.
Then Monday we went back. Sophie, Quimby, Isaak, Monan, and I had a good time. Sophie spent a good majority of the time collecting rocks in her little blue bucket. We found out that Quimby can swim. :)
And caught itty bitty fish!!! Super cool huh? We probably scared this particular one to death. After traumatizing it by catching it in the bucket, we poured it into Monan's hands, then I chased it around until I caught it in my fingers. After all that I flung it back into the water. Poor fish. (super cute nail polish huh?)

FYI- there is a video of the boys going down the river at the bottom of the page in the video bar. And the rest of the pictures are in a slideshow in the sidebar. ENJOY!


Colletti Family said...

We're going tubing down the river this weekend too! How funny :) If you guys are up for another river trip call me.

Tasha said...

Looks like fun! I keep trying to get Jared to go to the lake, but it's been so hot he won't do it.