Sunday, August 30, 2009


Denny left work around noon on Friday. We packed our crap in the car and headed to PineView Dam come around 3:00 pm. Lucky we got one of the last few camping spots. Tina headed over with her date Wes late that evening.
Sophie had oodles of fun playing in the water, collecting rocks, running from dad in the sand, and just being a little dork. I loved it.
Saturday rolled around and my girlfriend Heather came up. (along with her baby Jaxson, hubby Mike, and his brother Matt) Much fun was had that day, until we found out Sophie had 4 teeth coming in. Joy of joys! We went on 3 car rides trying to get her to nap and relax. Thank GOD Heather had some Origel in her diaper bag... other wise I probably would have started to cry too.
Tina headed home that evening, because her daughter Melissa is a boob. (Damn you Melissa!) We still had oodles of fun that night.
We left Anderson Cove sometime around 10:30 or so Sunday morning. We stopped in the canyon for some breakfast... that sucked. Sophie soon lost interest in waiting for her food, her teeth began to hurt, and she just screamed and screamed and screamed some more. All in all it was super fun (minus the teething) and I would LOVE to do it more next summer. I'll have tons of pictures in the sidebar once they finish uploading.

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