Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Jax

My girlfriend, Heather, and I have started a lovely arrangement where we swap babysitting days each week. This way we each get a date night once a week. Wednesday night little Jax came to play with us for a few hours.
Sophie decided to 'lotion' him, with bum cream.... she is her father's child. He did delightful though. Sophie just LOVES him. Hopefully having him around a lot will get her ready for another baby. Lord knows I want another one.
Denny even made him giggle like there was no tomorrow. I loved it. I have a video, but it needs to be uploaded. I'll post all the videos once I get them up.


Colletti Family said...

What a freaking cute little boy... lol we all need some butt cream rubbed on our heads every once in a while anyway right? lol

Tasha said...

I frakin LOVE that last pic! So cute!