Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Ren Faire

My poor little Sophie caught a cold from Toby. She has been absolutely MISERABLE the past 3 days. She only slept 4 hours the last two nights, she is congested as can be, and she hates it. I decided we would still hit up the Renaissance Faire. I was prepared for the worst, but my little trooper pulled through. The above picture was taken on the ride home; she was falling asleep with the water bottle in her mouth. Last year Denny was super bummed when he didn't get a turkey leg. So this year, that was the first thing on our list. As you can see, he loved it. Isaak got one too.(and yes he is dressed as a pirate)
We had a blast. Denny bought a $60 giant hammer... (he got it for $50 because the man liked his shirt) I got a cute parasol, and Sophie picked herself out a bracelet. We had some yummy food, and watched the jousting. This will definitely be a yearly event for our family. :)

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Tasha said...

I love it how Isaak looks like your moms family and Jared looks like your dad's. I think we can quit worrying about Jared hurting him now! It looks like you guys had fun, we need to find more things like that around here so can get Jared out into the sun once in a while!