Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poor Baby :(

Our apartment is still full of sick people. Denny caught whatever Sophie caught, and I have had my sinuses stuffed up as could be. It isn't very fun at all.

Last night, I laid Sophie down to sleep. She got all comfy and was slowly drifting off, when she started coughing up snot. (I hate that feeling.. as did she) She threw up a giant loogy. I picked her up and shouted to Denny for assistance. The next round of coughing started, so I booked it to the bathroom sink. She threw up again. After she emptied out her insides, she looked down at the sink and said "oh no."

As he changed her crib sheets, I heard Denny giggle from her bedroom. She had nasty gooey puke/snot all over her arms and hands. She does NOT like being dirty. She held out her hands to me, so that I could wipe her off. She let out a few more "oh no" and "oh my"s. I felt so bad for the little thing.

She went back to sleep easily. The only good thing that may come from this, is a speed up of the weaning process. Since she can't breath through her nose, she doesn't want to nurse at bedtime. She doesn't even want her binky.

Hopefully it all passes soon. Being sick sucks.

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Tasha said...

so I just have to tell you that back ground is stinkin cute! I was going to do that one, but I don't think I can give up the three column page. I have too much crap on there! Hope you guys get feeling better soon! Give Sophie kisses!