Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Back

I haven't posted for the past while... because I was sucked into a wonderful world of books. I heart books. I finally decided to start reading the Twilight book, that has just been sitting on my night stand. Within minutes I was completely pulled in. I read the 1st book in 2 days, bought the 2nd book and finished it in 1 day, then went to get the last 2 books, and those took 2 days each. (told you I was addicted)

Denny found all of this rather amusing. One of the first nights of my reading craze, he took the book from me so we could get something to eat. Instantly I gave him the look of death and squealed "no!"... I should have known that would only fuel his cruel sense of humor. He snapped the book shut before I could see what page I was on, and I plopped on the couch with a pout. He did this several times throughout the week. Evil man.

Besides being a book stealing jerk, Denny embraced my craziness. Me + books = Denny + laptop. Nothing makes that man happier than his stinkin laptop, without me showering him with my hate for it. I wouldn't be surprised if he dragged me to the bookstore to load me up. :P

The reason for this post is to update you on the past week.

Last Thursday we had tickets to see Dane Cook. Of course, I bought the cheapest tickets, and was prepared to sit in those horrible seats. Once our tickets were scanned, we were told that we were to be "relocated." I assumed that meant even worse seats. To my surprise we were moved to the floor, just 10 feet from the stage. With only two rows in front of us, I nearly peed my pants from happiness. The show was awesome.

We took Sophie swimming, which has never really been a fun experience. She has always been more scared of the water, than actually excited. This time she LOVED it! She was laughing and screaming with joy. The simple fact that she likes swimming now, will make this summer a lot more fun.

I don't think anything else too exciting happened this past while. Sophie is finally back to a sleep schedule. (she hasn't been cooperative since we moved) Sophie also learned the word "owie" but doesn't really know what it means. She says it more when she wants something. We went to WalMart the other day and she went trotting down an aisle singing "owie owie owie." I picked her up and walked away from the strangers giving me looks like I beat my child. That word will deffinately make more awkward moments.

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Tasha said...

Jared and I do the same thing, he games-I read. The only problem is who watches the kids! The become unloved, unwatched orphan children for that short time. You should try getting Sophie one of those swimsuits from walmart that have a built in lifejacket. Melody and Katie pretty much swim by themselves since we got theirs.