Tuesday, January 17, 2012


5 years now, I've been asking for a car.

Any car.

Every year it's, "we can get one next year."

Next year rolls around, and it's shoved back another torturous year.

I need a second car in order to be a doula.
I need to be able to drive the girls to a friends house, and to drive to the births.

I've been so excited about getting my schooling done.
(which I finished by the way, I just need my births to certify)
I've planned it all out in my head.
I've made websites, business cards, marketed myself.
I even have a birth lined up for this spring.

Then we had the talk.

"We just can't afford another car this year."
*spiral into depression*

I've reached the point where I would do questionable things just for a freaking car.

me "would you be willing to sell your body on the streets?"
denny "you want the car, why don't you sell your body?"
me "i already gave my body, i had the kids. now it's your turn."

He ignored me, as I went to go sulk on the couch like a teenager.

One day.... one day I will have another vehicle.

Until then, we will survive I suppose.
I just have no idea how I'm going to be able to be a doula, with no way to get to births.

Who wants to be our chauffeur?
You will be payed in baked goods.

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Mary said...

Let's find a way.....there is ALWAYS a way :)