Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Choose Joy

Being a happy and upbeat person is more of a challenge than it should be; especially when one is plagued with a "mood disorder."

Despite the fact that I have a fantastic life, there are still days when I want to give in to depression and curl up in a ball of defeat.
Those days suck. Hard.

Anyone who knew me as a teenager, knew that I was happy and bubbly. I had a few issues, but overall I was ridiculously upbeat.

Damn it all, I want to be bubbly again.

I have decided that instead of focusing my effort on surviving one crap-tastic day after another, I will be positive.

I will choose to find the joy in each day.


talyzman said...

We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same.--Carlos Castaneda

We are the OnE who can change our own ways, its so important to have someone that you can lean on when its time to cry, give permission to yourself to cry but after those tears leave everything behind and move on to be happy!

Tasha said...

Making that choice is the first step! I find that when I don't start my day with a prayer it's that much harder for me. I also like to go back and read my journal so I can see how far I've come in the last serval years. YOu are an amazing, beautiful person and are loved by so many. Bad days and all :)