Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Everyday Tools

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm trying yet again (year number 3) to work my way through Let's Do 52. 1 picture every week, all year. I've only ever made it about halfway through the year, so we'll see how this goes.


Here are my "everyday tools".


These little pills are what kept me from ending up on the late night news.

I try very hard to be open about the struggles I face in life. I know how crushing it can be to need help, and feel like a failure. In our society, being sad is a weakness. Only losers need help.


Truth of the matter, EVERONE needs help.
My help just comes in the form of a little sky-blue pill.

My hopes is that somewhere, someone will be positively affected by my openness.

What is life for, if not bettering the world somehow.


Mikey aka John said...

Yay a picture a week!!! That will keep me form being bored... You take beautiful shots of your lovely bundles of joy. Oh and Dennis too. :)

Sarah Berrie said...

I'm working on mine, too! But this is the first year I've done it. Let's keep each other on track?