Monday, October 4, 2010

October is Here :)

Aside from our creepy neighbors (I'm fairly certain they are Children of the Corn), having the house is wonderful. Even though the mother of the creepy children smokes, I never have to smell smoke anymore. Happy day! I don't have to listen to obnoxious drunks stumbling around in the apartment parking lot. I can throw the dog in the yard when she annoys me. I have a yard.

The house is pretty much set up. The only thing left to really do is get the front room in order, and hang all my pictures and such. We however need a 2nd person to help Denny move the couch, so who knows when that will be done.

I've started building up an army of crocheted hats for baby #2. They are adorable. Since she will be born in winter, I want to have a variety of pretty hats for her to wear when we go out. (not like I'll actually go out, I hate the cold) Next I want to make her some booties to match said hats. :) I'm one of those weird moms that loves matching.

I procrastinate. I need to get our Halloween costumes thrown together. Sophie is going to be Princess Peach, her costume is to be constructed from scratch. Denny is going to be Mario, and I am going to be Mrs Mario. Fun, yes? You will all be jealous.

My mommy is coming out next week! EEEP! I love my mommy. While it's depressing that she'll only be here 3 days, and that my grandparents also leave the country on the same day... at least I get to see her.

My month will be full of fun Halloween crafts. I heart Halloween. Pumpkin carving, spooky cookies, SO MUCH FUN!

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