Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom :)

My mom arrived in town Monday afternoon. Her birthday is Oct 25th, but since she only gets to visit every few months, I decided to celebrate early. :)

I made some SUPER delicious cupcakes, with purple frosting - of course. I think I'll make a whole batch just for myself...
The above picture is just full of weird. (we were all singing "happy birthday")

Blowing out the candle.
Grumpy face.

For a special gift, I told my mom the name that we've picked for the baby. I wrote it down on a notebook and had her flip it over.

The following happened:

Mya Tali.
My-Yah Tah-lee
Pronounce it wrong, and I'll punch you in the face.

Nephtaly is my mother's name, but she goes by Taly. Us tan people pronounce it Tah-Lee... hence the baby's middle name.

And just in case you wonder where all of Sophie's mad scientist hair comes from, look above.
Some of Sophie's art.
Sophie loves Manuel. He is by far one of her favorites.

Happy (early) Birthday, Mom. We love you! :D


Myya said...

Cute name, of course I like it :) I love when names come from special people. My youngest's middle name is Eva, but it is pronounced Ava... white folk don't get that - so annoying!

Tasha said...

I LOVE it! I'm so stressed about having another one because Jared and I can't agree on ANY names! So glad you got a chance to see your mom. It's no fun living far away, I know!

Phreggs said...

@Tasha just name them after me. Done and done.