Monday, October 25, 2010


Yesterday was the "Goodbye" dinner for my grandparents. :( They've been here nearly a year, getting their residency. Now that they've finished the process, they are heading back to Mexico.

After dinner I noticed a giant pumpkin sitting on the counter. We decided to rip its guts out.

Isaak molesting the pumpkin.

I don't know if Denny was afraid of me impaling myself with the giant knife, or if he simply new my weak pregnant arms weren't up to the task... but he decided to come cut the face for me.

Is it just me, or does he look creepy killer here? Maybe its the insane hair, huge knife, or permanent scowl that appears whenever he concentrates.

Sophie had no interest in sticking her hand in the pumpkin guts, she decided to draw pumpkin faces instead. *sniffle* My baby is getting so big... her pictures actually LOOK like pictures now.

We finish that pumpkin, now to carve our own. It's still sitting out on our front steps, sad and unloved.

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