Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goodbye Apartment

This should be the last post before we move into our new house. The rest of the packing will get done this weekend/early next week. If things go according to plan, we'll be moved in by next weekend. :)

So here are some pictures to hold my mom over for the next week. Sophie = crack to her. The lady can't get enough. :P

As always, click any of the pictures to enlarge.

Sophie and the stinky dog testing out the new dog bed we made. I'm not all for spending money on something that the puppy is just going to stink up, so I put my craftiness to use. Sophie thought it was the bees knees ripping stuffing out of an old pillow, and then shoving it into the new one.

Sophie "making dinner." (at least that's what she said she was doing) SweetTarts + screwdriver kit = loads of fun.

I also decided to stop neglecting my photoshop this evening. Enlarge the next two to get the full effect. :P

I just adore Sophie's eyes. She's always had multiple colors in her eyes, and they vary from day to day. Also, her curly hair is a big win. :) We're gonna have to beat the boys away from her.
This one I liked so much - I had to pop the color. I do believe I'll print this out and hang it.

So long stupid apartments, you will not be missed.

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Tasha said...

she and Melody have almost the same eyes! I love when Mellie gets mad they turn green!