Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We've picked a name, and I have no intention of telling ANY of you until she is born. Why? Partly because I like to be mean, but mostly because I refuse to let anyone ruin the name for me.

If I'm hungry before I shower, I'll totally eat in the shower. Most recently I took my sub sandwich in there.

When "fat" people complain about being fat, I want to throw something at them. So you don't like yourself? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Lazy cows.

Sophie trumps all of you. I love her most.

We have no dishwasher. When I do the dishes, I will wash and rinse, but couldn't care less about drying them.

It generally takes me a week to put away clean laundry.

When it comes to family, I have favorites. Phooey on anyone who says they don't.

I squish small fuzzy animals. It makes me smile.

I strongly believe that everyone in the world could benefit from therapy.

With the amount of paper towels I use, I probably kill a few trees a year. I think rags are gross, I would rather clean something up and toss it out. Yet, I cloth diaper... contradicting, no?

I hate children/teenagers. I used to love them. Now that I have my own, I see just how stupid some other kids are.

I hate the parents of said children even more. Teach your kids some freakin manners.

Since marrying a nerd, I spend far too much time on the computer. I blame him. :P

Every once in a while, Sophie and I will eat ice cream for breakfast. It's delicious.

I am currently re-reading my Twilight books for the 4th time.

A few days ago I spent about 15 minutes staring at the pantry, only to then make pizza rolls for dinner.

I have no plans to shave my legs during the winter. Denny often has to bribe me to shave then during pants season.

I would rather spend time with my 2 yr old, than anyone else I know. She's much easier to get along with, and funner to boot.

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