Friday, September 17, 2010

Girls Day at the ZOO!

Get ready for a massive picture overload. As always, I've become lazy and used the blogger uploader. If you want to see the bigger images, just click on them.

Last Sunday, we decided to take a girls trip to the zoo. For some unknown reason, Denny has an irrational hatred of the zoo. He chose to stay behind and unpack instead of join in on the fun.

Sophie fell asleep on the way there.

The peacock appeared to be dead, it just laid there.

Mama hen and her little babies.


Looking at the monkeys outside.

Giggling at monkeys.

Elephant! (I heart elephants)

Angry gorilla. He scared the crap out of Sophie when he started coming toward the glass.

The weird elephant that makes sneezing and snoring noises. Sophie did not like standing next to it.


More elephant.

Riding the carousel. The entire ride she refused to get on the animal with Liss, because she was scared. About 5 seconds before the ride ended, she decided it was fun.

So we rode again!

The 2nd time she had much more fun.

Looking at the crocodiles.

Baby skunks.

Weird foxes.


Tiny frog.


Snow cones.

Showing me her purple tongue.


She wouldn't sit on these alone, because according to her - they were real.

Giraffes, Sophie's new favorite animal.

Dr Seuss Converse. Jealous? I am. They are One Fish Two Fish ones. :)

Getting tired.

Riding the train with all her new gift shop items. A hat, a stuffed pink giraffe, a purple ring, and a bag full of shiny rocks.

In the tunnel.

And going home. A day well spent.

Super tired in the car. Hiding in her hat.

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Are you planning on going to Zoo Lights?