Monday, September 6, 2010

Christmas/Birthday/Baby Shower Lists

Same gig as last year. We don't expect anything, but should family want to get stuff- here's a list. Go nuts! (not really) I'll add this to the side bar, just click the green Wish List box at the top left. That looks like this:

Wish List

(her list counts as a birthday list as well)
  • favorite color - pink
  • favorite animal - giraffe & unicorn
  • Size 7 shoes
  • 3t summer clothes
  • 3t winter clothes
  • undies(2t/3t) & socks
  • show gear - boots, suit, gloves
  • play/dress up clothes
  • play kitchen supplies
  • books
  • bows/hair clips
  • art supplies
  • kid moves (dora, spongebob, princesses)
  • purses/bags
  • play jewelery - necklaces & bracelet
(baby shower list)
Grandmas normally do well in spoiling with clothing. We already have the necessities: crib, swing, clothes, pack n play, bouncer. If you do get clothes, we are MORE than set in 0-3 months already.

  • Eve time cards - $35 for 2 months. (his nerd game) easiest to just give him the money, so you don't get scammed online
  • Dragon Quest IX: Senteniels of the Starry Skies - for the Nintendo DS
  • shoes 11 1/2 - 12
  • xl button up shirts (work shirts)
  • reusable cloth nursing pads or Lily Pads
  • a good straightener
  • electric hand mixer
  • button up pjs
  • nursing tanktops
  • charm bracelet
  • fun jewelery (just not cheapo earrings, they hurt my ears)
  • shoes 7 1/2 - 8
  • JoAnn's gift cards / craft supplies
  • makeups
  • photoshop actions

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