Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sophie's Birthday Party

Sophie's birthday was super fun. I decorated the house with blue and yellow (for Spongebob). Grandma and Grandpa Meakin, Papa and Mama, Dad and Isaak, Tina and Wes and Melisa, and Claire and Dea were our beloved guests.

I made Sophie's birthday bow, her shirt that has a big 2 and 5 little stars on it, and her cake. The cake was a complete pain in my butt. Isaak was nice enough to help with the labor of making the fondant. The cake had a chocolate and french vanilla layer, and was covered in blue and yellow marshmallow fondant. I was proud of my awesome cake.

While we sang to Sophie, she was super shy. She covered her face and peaked out through her fingers at everyone. We enjoyed the cake, then moved into the front room for gifts.

Denny and I got her a Dora sofa, Blue's Clues DVD, Dr Seuss book, Spongebob books, and a little fish tank with accessories.

Dad got her some really cute clothes, and Isaak got her some Dora dominoes.

Grandma and Grandpa brought the traditional $5 bill.

Tina got her a little wooden baby doll crib, plus a baby doll. Sophie has climbed into the crib several times, and it has yet to break. Sophie has nicer things than I do. :P

Claire got her the cutest little dress, Sophie will definitely be wearing that to church this week.

While gifts are awesome, I'm just glad we could have people to celebrate with. We miss our family that couldn't be there, so we cherish the family that is close by.

Here is the album with the rest of the pictures. I'll try to chop up the 30 minutes of birthday video and get it up loaded soon.

Sophie's 2nd Birthday Album

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