Monday, January 18, 2010

Mom's Visit

My mom came out to visit for the past week. I love her so much. We had oodles of fun while she was here.

Here is the link to the pictures - Mom's Visit Album

And here is a video of Sophie eating her rice. We all went out to the ABC tonight and she was super full of energy.


Tasha said...

Melody LOVES looking at pictures and videos of you guys, but every time she does she gets all sad and tell me she wishes she could be in Utah with all her family that loves her! It always makes me feel so bad!

P.S. I'm totally loving Isaak's hair in that top pic! I wish Jared's would do something other than 'poof'!

Phreggs said...

Ya know, yall could just move back out to Utah. We have a job market and awesome people out here too :)