Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Other Man In My Life

Denny has officially left us around 4:30 this morning. His job is sending him on a 2 week business trip to Tennessee. While he is gone, there would just be Sophie and I here at home.


Meet Achilles. You know A-Kill-Ease, from Greek Mythology. If not, you are a loser, look it up.
A man on FreeCycle was giving away a whole litter of them. His daughters dog got knocked up by the neighter's dog and they didn't want the puppies. His mom is a pure Australian Shepherd (think Lacy Lassie... Lord knows why I put Lacy) and his dad is a black lab.
Australian shepherds are super smart, so at least he shouldn't be too much of a pain to housebreak. I heart him. :)


Miss Angie said...

Oh! He's so cute!

talyzman said...

First of all.... he is a puppy NOW but later on he is gonna be a HORSE! Then let me tell you that Dennis looks so handsome with his hair cut. And its Lassie hehehehhe

Bull Rhino said...

Yes they are cute and smart. Hope you enjoy him. I just dropped by to say hi since you are one of the followers of my photography blog. Hope you and your family have a wonderful 2010 and all your hopes come true.


Colletti Family said...

So cute!! (the puppy.... ok Denny's hair too lol)