Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Gone

After Sophie's birthday party on Saturday, she settled down for a nap. While she napped, I went to get all of my hair chopped of. I had Isaak take pictures of my hair before and after (so ignore the squishy faces I made, he gives no 1.2.3 warning).
The last picture with my long hair. I guess I miss having it long, I love long hair. I just had no time to actually do anything with it.
Isaak took the picture the instant we got in the car. With it being dark outside it's hard to actually see how short it is. I'll have to take a picture with it actually done. I straightened it for church on Sunday and was rather pleased. Plus it still fits into a super tiny ponytail! WIN!

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Miss Angie said...

Oh! It looks so elegant! I like it!