Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Watercolor Pencils

Today's happiness is brought to you by:
Watercolor pencils.

 photo DSC_6724_zps56a53666.jpg

Simply dip the pencil tip in water.

  photo DSC_6742_zps737fc5f6.jpg

And go wild.

  photo DSC_6727_zps2ff818c8.jpg

  photo DSC_6730_zps952bd307.jpg

It's so easy that even toddlers can join in.

  photo DSC_6731_zps0ffaac9e.jpg

Just be sure to keep the infant at a safe distance.

 photo DSC_6748_zps7d43e601.jpg

 photo DSC_6743_zps874cce14.jpg

Hours of fun.

  photo DSC_6737_zps8c51ac68.jpg

And they wash off easily.
(even out of carpet & clothes)

  photo DSC_6733_zps3e83d001.jpg

 I have the feeling we will go through lots of these.

  photo DSC_6751_zps1a3943a1.jpg

Aren't my kids just freakin' adorable?
Ya, I think so too.

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