Monday, August 19, 2013

Waiting for Cha-cha

My girls absolutely adore their aunt Tasha.
(Mya affectionately refers to her as "cha-cha")

 photo DSC_6690_zpsae25d372.jpg

Tasha often picks my girls up for playdates, so that I can maintain some small bit of my sanity.
The other day it was lightly raining, making it cool enough to wait outside.
Enjoy some of their cuteness.

 photo DSC_6716_zps0ea1f553.jpg

 photo DSC_6720_zpsce1d19c7.jpg

 photo DSC_67042_zps5a99f532.jpg

 photo DSC_6706_zpsdc4bc5fe.jpg

 photo DSC_6714_zpsd146a031.jpg

 photo DSC_6696_zps3b1a4b0e.jpg

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