Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dream Catchers

Sophie has been having nightmares lately.
That makes a grand total of 3 children waking me up all night long.
I blame that damn Scooby-Doo show.

In hopes of getting even a little sleep, I took action.

We made dream catchers for school yesterday.
This kicked off our study of Native Americans.

It was delightfully simple.
First cut out the center of a paper plate.
Like such.

 photo DSC_6659_zpsf1725ced.jpg

Pick out a handful of beads, while simultaneously spilling them all on the floor.

 photo DSC_6662_zps4c84120e.jpg

Grab a few feathers, and throw the rest around the room.

 photo DSC_6664_zps66a9664e.jpg

While the older child strings on the beads without causing havoc, try to wrestle the yarn away from the toddler.

 photo DSC_6663_zpsb40eba1a.jpg

An hour or two later, you should have something that looks like this.

 photo DSC_6666_zps942c5714.jpg

Finally, hang up your beautiful creations.

 photo DSC_6673_zps021b6181.jpg

Sounds like a boatload of fun, yes?

 photo DSC_6668_zps1cab0f09.jpg

 photo DSC_6667_zps73e825bb.jpg

 photo DSC_6669_zpsbd283a51.jpg

Even if it only keeps one child out of my bed, I call it a win.

 photo DSC_6675_zpse7c17839.jpg

Also, just because he is adorable.
The infant that slept through the whole process.

 photo DSC_6658_zps38a3ee09.jpg

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