Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random Photos

I'm on a roll.
The girls are playing nicely with blocks.
I remembered to eat lunch.
The baby is asleep.
My home is semi-clean.

I may as well post all of the other pictures I had on my camera.

Denny and Finn after I attempted to half-bathe him.
(kinda hard when the cord is still there)

  photo DSC_6556-2_zpsf9b0ceb5.jpg

  photo DSC_6558-2_zps27f65234.jpg

  photo DSC_6569-2_zpsd5b6f5ab.jpg

Sleeping Finn.

  photo DSC_6574-2_zps5d8c04da.jpg

  photo DSC_6660_zps02a57eed.jpg

The girls being sucked into the tv.

 photo DSC_6577-2_zps668a97d6.jpg

 photo DSC_6601-2_zps3bbd1411.jpg

 photo DSC_6604-2_zps90733118.jpg

Attempting to get pretty newborn photos.
No such luck, I got 2 images I liked.

 photo DSC_66392_zpse688d5cf.jpg

 photo DSC_66472_zpsba74107c.jpg

Mya be crazy.

 photo DSC_6610_zps1382d129.jpg

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