Saturday, May 7, 2011

Motherhood part 1

My mother always has been, and always will be my best friend.

She has always given her time to make sure I was a well rounded and happy person.
  • She was my girl scout leader.
  • She had me take 2 years of Spanish.
  • She was my girl camp director.
  • She taught my young womens class.
  • She put me in soccer, cheer, basketball, and so on.
  • She lived with me for weeks in a hotel, so that I could go to my first Homecoming before moving.
  • She drove me to and from a different school for an entire year, so I wouldn't have to deal with bitchy teenage girls.
  • She let me dress however I wanted.
  • She taught me to be friends with everyone.
  • I never came home to an empty house. My mother ALWAYS made sure she was home for us.
  • When my parents got divorced, she let me hate her without trying to stop me. It wasn't until I went through the same problems, that I understood how much she gave for us.
After seeing how other people were raised, I now know how blessed I was.
My mother is the reason I think my kids deserve to have me at home with them. They deserve to be raised by me, not a daycare or babysitter.
My mother is the reason I love to make things for my girls.
My mother is the reason I believe that "I am beautiful, no matter what anyone else thinks." :)
My mother is the reason I fight to be happy.
My mother is the reason I don't give up.
My mother is the reason I am strong.

I love you. :)

(part 2 will come sunday evening after I spend it with my girls)

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talyzman said...

Thanks Alexis for seen all of that!
I love you guys so very much; all of you are my life and every breath that I take.
I am very proud of each of you and I do tell my self that no matter what I did a good job raising you with the help of dad and Heavenly Father.