Monday, March 7, 2011

Bringing Sexy Back

I like food, a lot. I like food so much that I'll eat it, even if I'm not hungry. If there is food within my reach, it must be consumed. On the other extreme, if I don't have food around me, I don't bother getting up to get it. I am currently devouring a 2 lb box of colorful goldfish.

My husband takes advantage of this weakness. Every time we go grocery shopping, he brings a bag of snacks downstairs (where we spend most of our time). I've come up with only one logical explanation: he is trying to make me fat.

He must feel that my extreme hotness is just too much. After all, who doesn't lust after a 20 yr old with two small children, wearing pajama pants that smell like spit-up, has no makeup on, and her messy hair pulled back (this has become my everyday attire, and will not change anytime soon).

On top of my sex appeal, is the house full of hotties living next to us. There are a group of nerd men all living together, and boy are they sexy. My favorite is "Milk Guy." The first time I saw him was the day we were moving in. He is a larger fellow who walks everywhere. He can almost always be seen wearing floods, holding a walking stick, and drinking a gallon of milk.

I am the definition of "finger licking good." :)


Tasha said...

Glad to see birthing two babies hasn't killed your self image ;)

Mary said...

LMAO is just not good enough to how much I laughed, not AT you at all.......I love you, you are just awesome and you are still HOT as ever