Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Since becoming a mother, my body and I came to an agreement - I do not get sick. It simply isn't an option. I have children to take care of, things to clean, and other housewife whatnot.

My body is a jerk.

I stayed up until about 1 AM on Sunday morning, sewing the girls' Valentine's outfits. A few hours later, Sophie crawled into our bed. Her skin was on fire.

I woke up with a headache. That night I felt like I was going to die. At least with labor you get a break in between contractions, the headache went on for hours.

After going to bed about 9:30 on Sunday, I couldn't sleep with the pain and freezing. I stumbled back downstairs and asked Denny for Tylenol. He says I looked insane, I think he exaggerates. He dragged me into the bathroom and stuck me in a cold shower, cruel no? I suppose I was just that hot, the water felt like ice.

No one slept well that night.

My Valentine's Day was spent on our couch. Denny ordered Olive Garden and we watched movies. Romantical. :) Our date will just have to be rescheduled for a day when I can swallow my own spit without it hurting.

He had flowers delivered to me on Friday. When Sophie stole my chocolates, he went out and got her some flowers too. (pictures to come)

Sophie and I still feel like poop. Hopefully Mya stays healthy.

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