Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Really People? Really?

I find it ridiculous that I have to tell a bunch of grown ass people to mind their own business...

Mind your own damn business. Christ. I'm trying to me like Jesus here, and you all make it difficult.

If I don't post specific details on this blog, obviously they are person. Unless you are family or a close friend, I really see no reason for you to ask about them.

I'm bipolar, I get seasonal depression, and I'm dealing with postpartum depression - I'm allowed to be a bit sad.

The last post was meant to be a sweet something for my husband. It can't be easy living with someone who cries for no reason, so I like to give him a boost now and again. The last picture in that post was a PostSecret card that he emailed me a year or two back when we were having a hard time. I thought it might make him smile to see it again.

So in short-

Back off.

(totally posted this on my husbands account because I'm too lazy to log out of his and into my own)

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