Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feel Like Ranting

It's no secret that I hate Utah. I loath it to my very core, and probably always will.

No matter who you are, your brain ties memories to everything: people, places, smells, items, everything. To me, Utah is associated with a lot of things I dislike.

1- The people here. I love the church... I just love the church outside of this state. Luckily, our new ward seems to be very warm and welcoming. I've still met more than my share of the "I'm super perfect" people, who think they are just amazing. Those people suck.

A lot of people who aren't members, instantly assume you are a loser if you are LDS. If you don't drink/smoke/whatnot then You = Lame and "Mormon". Those people also suck. I've actually had conversations with people like this:
'we should get together one weekend and drink'
'i don't drink'
'oh... you're Mormon aren't you?'
Like my religion makes me mentally handicapped or something, or that I can't simply decide on my own that I don't like drinking. And no, the fact that I'm under 21 doesn't stop anyone from wanting to drink.

What I love even MORE is when people ask my husband out for drinks (being as he's nearly 23) and he says he doesn't drink. Their eyes shoot to me, like the man has no free will. Or if I'm not there they say, "your wife won't let you?" Really?

I've gotten drunk before, so much that I couldn't even tie my shoes. I've smoked, I was rebellious. I don't miss those things one bit. People are stupid and obnoxious when they are drunk, and smoking makes you smell like ass. I have a family, that isn't the kind of example I want them to have.

Conclusion = a lot of people here suck.

2- Living in Utah means I am far away from people I love. Some days it can be physically painful being away from my mom, I need her. She is always just a phone call away, she'll answer any time of night, but it isn't the same. I miss her.

I wish my girls could grow up with their cousins. I'm very happy for my brother and his family, they have had many wonderful opportunities in Texas. I still miss them.

I've only ever had 2 friends that I considered family, both are in Ohio. I grew apart from Sam. The most contact we have is being Facebook friends. I haven't actually talked to her since Sophie was first born. Brittany and I are still close. We are both busy with our families, so we don't get to talk all to often.

3- It's ugly and cold here. Who likes snow anyway?

4- I was hospitalized here. Granted I don't really mind it now, I met some really great people in treatment. At 14 and 15 years old, I wasn't too big a fan of being stuck in a "nut house".

Maybe I'm just in a hateful mood lately. I haven't crafted in weeks... perhaps I'm having withdrawals. :P

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talyzman said...

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