Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Cannot Be Help Responsible

if I punch someone in the face. It's the hormones! I hate everyone.

People who simply annoyed me before, now drive me absolutely insane. I think of them getting hit by buses and my mouth twitches with happiness. Have I completely lost my marbles?

Pfft, no. People are just stupid.
(My husband would agree with that logic.)

Everyone now and again my fuse runs short and I need a time out. Sophie is very good at reminding me to breathe. "You need be happy mom." What would I do without her?

Earlier I was trying to type something, and she kept trying to "help" me.

me - "Sophie... PLEASE?!?!?"
*Sophie makes omg-what-did-I-do face*
*I sigh in defeat*
me - "I'm sorry I was grumpy."
*she hugs my face*
you - "You ok, I still love you."

She continues to help me grow.

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Mrs. Infertility said...

You can borrow my husband to punch. ;)