Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Shower

This past Saturday, we had our baby show for Mya. Guess how many people showed... guess. Other than our family, ONE of the friends we invited; no one else even bothered to call/text. Irritating? God yes. Upside? 2 dozen homemade cupcakes for me. Moving on.

I didn't let it ruin my mood, we had fun anyway. :) Here you see Sophie ripping off every last piece of wrapping paper.

Laser scissors... need I say more? I will cut so many things!

The friend nice enough to show up. Claire, and her insanely cute daughter Dea.

Breastfeeding basket. Full of awesomeness.

Oatmeal cookies! Who knew that oatmeal helped to produce milk? Not I.

The basket also had a gift for Sophie, which I loved. The soon-to-be older sibling often gets forgotten.

Sophie had no problem sharing her new crayons and coloring book with her friend Dea.

List of delightful gifts:

From grandma - $10 and a picture of a dead relative (it's just what she does)

From my dad - the laser scissor set

From Denny's mom & sisters - a baby swing, two cute outfits, & a super soft blanket

From Claire - breastfeeding basket which included : a nursing pillow, pack of nursing pads, lanolin, The Baby Book (love), oatmeal cookies, a huuuge thing of water, tons of other info that is helpful for nursing mommies, and the coloring book/crayons for Sophie.

Thanks everyone :) We love you all!

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