Thursday, December 16, 2010

36 weeks

Tomorrow I'll be 36 weeks. (37 according to my cycle)

I'm 3 cm dilated and my cervix is 75% effaced. Considering it took me until 38 weeks to reach that point with Sophie, that's good news. :)

We are still hoping she stays in at LEAST until January. I'd like her to cook as long as possible. Also, Denny can't take the week off to help me until the new year.

I'll update after my appointment next week.


Tasha said...

don't you wish you could tell them 'you can come out on this day'? It would make life SO much easier :)
Wish we could be there to help!

Lexi said...

that would be delightful. im horrified that she'll come close to sophie's birthday... or ON her birthday.