Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A light bulb has just clicked on in my mind. I now understand why it is that I miss my family so much. Mexicans lack the ability to live further than an hour away from their family and be happy. Think I'm crazy? I have proof:

We have no problem living with our spouses and children, plus our parents, and their parents, and our siblings, and their children... all in one house. We are just so full of love, and enjoy having oodles of company.

Most of my mother's family, minus her and one sister, live in the same neighborhood. I'm dead serious. Keep in mind that they are not a tiny family- my grandparents have 9 kids, and then LOADS of grandchildren, and now great grandchildren

Most white people bolt as far away from their family as possible the moment they get the chance. Then here I am, still not used to the fact that my family doesn't live within a 20 minute radius anymore. Crazy white people. I suppose you aren't all as awesomely tight knit as us brown folk.

(silly person, forgot the other 'f' in 'off')

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Mary said...

LOL that's so funny but SO very true!!! Richards Mom's house has 11people in it!!