Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gift List

I cannot believe we are already in November.
This year went by way too fast.

You all know the drill, same as every other year.
Here are some ideas to help out the family that spoil our girls. :)

She is currently in winter 9-12 month clothes.
Next size she will need are 18 months. Either winter or summer.
I have no idea what size shoes she needs, as she never wears them. :P
She could use some new little books.

She is currently in winter size 4 clothes.
Next size she will need are size 5. Either winter or summer.
She is in size 8 shoes.
Favorite colors are pink, purple, and blue.
Favorite animals are unicorns and giraffes.
She could use dress up clothes, books, or art supplies.
She loves My Little Pony.

He wears XL shirts.
Anything nerd makes him happy.

I wear size small shirts.
Headbands, or fun jewelery are always welcome.
Gift cards: amazon.com, barnes & nobel, joanns, etc.

Once again... I've misplaced everyone's addresses. *sigh* I'll be emailing you all to ask for them sometime this month.


talyzman said...

:D not to bad!

Phreggs said...

WoW Game time is welcome :)