Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sophie is 3!

For Sophie's birthday, we took her to Boondocks.

She is a very animated ski-ball player.

Shooting the dinosaurs with dad.

Driving... or crashing.

Mya slept the entire time in her Sleepy Wrap... which I love!

She does ridiculously well at the random chance games. More often than not she'll get the "bonus" tickets.

More ski-ball.

After Boondocks, we took her to the "ice cream store" - Farrs. Our Farrs is super awesome because it is a serve yourself place, where you get to pick from a variety of delicious ice creams and then oodles of toppings.

The next day we had her party.

I cheated. We took her to pick her own cake, then I used pink frosting to draw a giraffe on it. :)


Blowing out the candles.


Cutting the cake. Isn't he pretty in blue? If only I could get him to wear more color.

Eating the cake.

Sitting in her "birthday chair." Present time!
Notice the pjs? I did have her dressed earlier, but she decided that Dora jammies were better. It was her birthday... so why not.

Papa got her a Barbie. She loves combing her hair.

Big pink gift!

Grandma Tina got her some new footie pjs (which she refuses to take off), and blocks. Melissa got her a playdoh ice cream maker. Aspen got her an easy bake cookie designer thingy.

A little later Claire came by and brought her a little unicorn set, which gets taken everywhere.

My baby girl is so big. :( She's officially a Sunbeam, a big sister, and independent. I can't believe another year has already come and gone.

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