Friday, January 21, 2011


My mother often reminds me that it is physically painful for her to live so far away. The pictures and videos that I post are the equivalent of crack to her.

Sorry I haven't put many up, mom.
Here's your fix.
I even went through and edited them all, so click on the pictures to enlarge them.

My brother hangs out with Denny. They nerd. Plus two depressed people should equal happiness right? negative + negative = positive?

When Sophie was an infant, I was delighted by the way she reacted to wind. Her eyes got all huge and she'd stick her tongue out. Tonight I found out that Mya does the same thing when you blow on her face. It makes me giggle.

My girls.

Prettiest ladies in the world. :)


Mary said...

Seriously, I love the picture of all three of you....we need to find a frame for this picture and put it at Denny's desk! YES!

talyzman said...

thank you so very much!!!
I hope and pray that some day we all live close by that way i can see all of my grandbabies grow up!!!