Monday, October 15, 2012

Tahoe - part 3

We spent most of our mornings walking around the area.

We went to visit all the little shops around town.

There was an alpaca store, everything was sooooo soft.

This horse had a little sign that read  "DO NOT SIT ON"
Grandma scoffed at it. "Well you can stand on it! Let me help you on!"

We also met my mom for lunch.

Nothing says "healthy" like a banana split.

Like all good grandmothers, my mom grossly spoils her grandbabies whenever she sees them.

Our girls came home with tons of cuteness.
Including some fun new boots and shoes.

I handed the camera over to Denny several times on the trip.
I wanted to enjoy myself.

I should have known better.
There were at least 10 pictures of my rear.

How the girls love their grandma.

"Grandma looks like a blueberry!" - sophie
"She does!" - denny

"Mom, you look like a blueberry!" - sophie

Perhaps I will shy away from fruit-colored shirts from now on.

Just outside the Marriott, there was a huge rock fountain.
If you recall, my children are part fish.
They instantly fell in love with it.

Looky, I'm in a picture!

All around area were these giant painted bikes.
Weird, but the girls enjoyed them.

"Do not climb on bike."

Cute snuggles.

Next time, I will post pictures of the girls playing at the beach! :)


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