Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tahoe - part 1

Being as I have two small children who need things like food and attention - our trip will be split up into several posts.

I also don't have even the slightest desire to "fancy" edit 200+ images,
so you will be getting the simple and sweet ones.
(yup, I'm lazy.)

We were lucky enough to spend an entire week with Grandma Taly.
I even rounded up enough money for Denny to join us. 

My mom bought us some train tickets, and off we went.
The girls slept most of the way.

Right after we got off the train, we headed to iHop.
Manuel (my mom's husband) bought everyone brunch.

We drove up the mountain and made it to the hotel.
Manuel was nice enough to get us our own room for the week.
Gracias Manuel. :)

After we swam, showered, and unpacked, it was time for dinner.
We all walked up to one of the fancy hotels.

The girls just adore Manuel.

We stuffed our faces at the buffet.

I made Denny take a picture of me.
I'm getting better at making sure that I am part of the photographic memories now.
Even if I look retarded in the pictures.

The girls were making silly faces.

As we were leaving, we all looked out the window as the sun was setting.

Much to my delight, we decided to walk down to the beach to see the ducks

The sunset was even better down at the beach!

So of course I started snapping away.

Then we all went home and got some much needed sleep.
I spent my day powered up on REDBULLS!

More pictures to come later.

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