Friday, October 12, 2012

Tahoe - part 2

Again, zero desire to edit pictures.
I just slapped my watermark on these and called it good.

Maybe for the next post, I can try to put some effort into making the pictures pretty. :P

For our second day in Tahoe, Grandma took us to her work to show off her grandbabies.


Later that day we had dinner at the beach!
The ever so sweet Manuel cooked the meat while the girls ran amuck.

Sophie has been on a nail-painting-hype.
EVERYONE has had their nails painted.
Her, Mya, Me, Denny, Papa, Grandma, etc.

Mya flipped out over all the ducks.

"Mya where are the ducks?"

On our way back, we stopped by the river to see the salmon.
After getting lost on and endless path, we all just wanted to get back to the car.

As the path was winding in one giant circle, I pressed forward.

Denny complained.

At one point I snapped at him, calling him an 'ass.'
To be fair, he was being a giant ass.

Manuel agreed that we were nearly at the end of the trail and we should keep going.

Not 2 minutes later we came back to the exact spot we had started.
In the words of Tina Fey - "Bitches get stuff done!"

Ah family vacations.
They just aren't the same without marital spats.

PS, I do indeed think my husband is an ass, but I love him none the less.

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