Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Out With Friends

Last weekend we went to the tree house museum with Sophie's BFF.

No joke, Sophie made her a BFF bracelet and everything.

Sophie used to call her Olivia, like the pig from the cartoon.
Her speech has since evolved into O-Lydia.

Lydia is our neighbor, and we are over there nearly every day.
Aside from the days when they "aren't friends anymore," the kids get along pretty well. :)


The Music Room.

Taking care of the newborn babies.

Hanging in the Art Garden.
That dude looking at the camera, that's their dad.
Mya kept taking toys to him the whole time we were there.

Ian & Mya playing with the knights and horses.

Playing on the stage.
They loved popping out from behind the curtains.

Having a Tea Party.

Mya fascinated by the fish.

Sophie riding the horse.

Mya riding the bull.

Lydia freaking out on the horse.

Ian playing with the farm.

Dorky little girls.

We are going to the Zoo this weekend, so prepare for more pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

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